Things to know about NCT’s Park Jisung

Things to know about NCT’s Park Jisung – This time it’s from the NCT maknae who always makes his hyungs and fans anxious, which will make him even more fond of Jisung’s character

Jisung himself initially before starting from his debut he also struggled starting from participating in Show Me The Money or being an extras cast in several dramas when he was a child which was eventually casted by SM Entertainment and promoted as part of SM Rookies. He succeeded in making a legendary image on the “Mickey Mouse Club”. Then in 2016, Jisung debuted as the youngest member of NCT Dream at the age of 15 or 14 according to international calculations.

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and it turns out that this maknae is one of the most versatile members in NCT Dream from being a main dancer, he also has a position as a vocal as well as a rapper on NCT Dream. His appearance as a rapper is also always awaited by his fans at every stage act.

even though he was a child often doing things in front of the camera, it turns out he is a shy and very emotional person so that his hyungs are afraid to hurt him. the other members and moved their belongings so the hyungs were scared and confused.