Interesting Facts of EXO-L

Interesting Facts of EXO-L – Currently EXO has become very famous among the South Korean boyband. There are several awards that EXO received. EXO also has a lot of fans and they call it EXO-L. Here are the facts about it

The origin of the meaningful and mindblowing name EXO-L

The origin was given the name EXO-L because at first EXO was divided into two groups, namely a group that focused on promotions in Korea under the name EXO-K and a group that focused on China under the name EXO-M.

The idea came up to name their fandom EXO-L. Alphabetically, the letter L is between K and M, which indicates EXO-L supports both EXO-K (Korean) and EXO-M (Mandarin). L is also the initial for the word Love, which denotes EXO-L’s full of love.

Interesting Facts of EXO-L

EXO, Saranghaja

EXO, Saranghaja is a sentence of encouragement that is always called by the leader Suho to encourage his members. This sentence is almost the same as We Are One which was said before EXO introduced themselves. The meaning of nesthaja itself is Lets Love, so the sentence has a meaning where EXO will spread love throughout the world.

Yehet and Ohorat

If you are a fan of the boy group variety show that debuted in 2012, you will definitely be familiar with the terms Yehet and Ohorat. The two sentences were spoken by the maknae, Oh Sehun, in EXO’s first variety show, EXO Showtime, which aired in 2013. If you haven’t seen this variety show, watch it now because the variety show is very exciting and interesting.


If Sehun coined the terms Yehet and Ohorat, then it’s different with Baekhyun who coined the term kkaebsong. The man who was born in 1992 is indeed known as the most humorous member, so it is not surprising that he created many funny terms. The essence of the term kkaebsong is to show a sense of regret when someone makes a joke that is not funny. This term was also born on their first show, EXO Showtime.


At the beginning of its debut, EXO had to be divided into two different units namely EXO M and EXO K where EXO M promoted in China while EXO K promoted in Korea. But this did not last long because in 2013 EXO K and EXO M promoted together under the name EXO. The first song promoted by the 12 members was Wolf in which one of the most popular lyrics was chogiwa.

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The term Nagajuseyo was popularized by the member who was considered the most innocent, namely Lay. On the show titled Star Show 360, Baekhyun again talked about their trainee period where Baekhyun met Lay for the first time in the practice room. But because he was annoyed by Baekhyun’s presence who didn’t practice, Lay told him to leave by saying the phrase Nagajuseyo which means please come out in formal language. This was said because Lay felt embarrassed to be seen by other people when he was practicing.


2013 can be said to be the beginning of EXO’s success in the Kpop world. The song that contributed to raising the name of EXO is growl. Those of you who are not fans of EXO must also know this super popular song. Eureureong itself is the Korean title of the growl song that made the EXO name at the peak of popularity.…

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