Facts About NCT’s New Album

Facts About NCT’s New Album – NCT is one of the Korean bands who also have a lot of fans. Recently, NCT has released several new albums which have become a hot topic for many fans. NCT Dream has released a new album titled Hot Sauce. There are 10 songs in it, with the title track Hot Sauce which carries the hip hop genre with afrobeat strains. Besides that, there are a number of facts about NCT Dream’s new album that you need to know, chingu. Read more below, come on!

NCT Dream’s First Full Album

Hot Sauce is NCT Dream’s first full-length album. This album marked their five-year career in the South Korean music industry.
“This album is very special because it is a full album and we all seven members are completely involved in this album. We also do this to make memories,” Renjun said, as quoted by Soompi.

Hot Sauce

Apart from chanting and unique signature sound, Hot Sauce’s song also has its own meaning.
The lyrics of this song contain the message that the strong appeal of NCT Dream is like the taste of hot sauce or spicy sauce that cannot be forgotten when eaten.

Mark asks listeners to pay close attention to the chorus of the Hot Sauce song, because there is something distinctive and it sounds like a spell.
Jaemin said the same thing. He asked his fans to pay attention to the lyrics which are able to show the full charisma of NCT Dream.

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Mark Rejoins NCT Dream for Hot Sauce

“When I heard that we would be releasing a full album, I was very excited. It feels very meaningful to participate in our first full album with the other six members and I want to work hard,” said Mark.
Mark’s presence was awaited by other NCT Dream members. He made this album feel stronger and showed the charisma of the SM Entertainment group beautifully.

Hot Sauce Orders Exceeded 1.71 Million Copy

Album orders have reached a total of 1,716,571 copies as of May 9, 2021. This achievement broke their own record with a 243 percent increase in the number of orders from NCT Dream’s last album titled Reload.…

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Things to know about NCT’s Park Jisung

Things to know about NCT’s Park Jisung – This time it’s from the NCT maknae who always makes his hyungs and fans anxious, which will make him even more fond of Jisung’s character

Jisung himself initially before starting from his debut he also struggled starting from participating in Show Me The Money or being an extras cast in several dramas when he was a child which was eventually casted by SM Entertainment and promoted as part of SM Rookies. He succeeded in making a legendary image on the “Mickey Mouse Club”. Then in 2016, Jisung debuted as the youngest member of NCT Dream at the age of 15 or 14 according to international calculations.

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and it turns out that this maknae is one of the most versatile members in NCT Dream from being a main dancer, he also has a position as a vocal as well as a rapper on NCT Dream. His appearance as a rapper is also always awaited by his fans at every stage act.

even though he was a child often doing things in front of the camera, it turns out he is a shy and very emotional person so that his hyungs are afraid to hurt him. the other members and moved their belongings so the hyungs were scared and confused.…

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contents of the Midbnight OST of the web drama by NCT Doyoung

contents of the Midbnight OST of the web drama by NCT Doyoung – who doesn’t know Doyoung, one of the NCT members who actively participates in a drama or is the ost, and the NCiTiZen certainly can’t wait for this one because it will air today.

NCT’s Doyoung is also one of the soundtrack fillers for the Korean drama Cafe Midnight Season 3: The Curious Stalker. This time he will perform a song called Night Air. Night Air, which is sung by NCT’s Doyoung in this drama, will also be released in the music video version. The video clip contains several scenes from the drama Cafe Midnight Season 3: The Curious Stalker.

which is where he transforms into Son Ji Woo who is the perfect high school student figure. Starting from his appearance, values, to his personality, he was very admired, and the curiosity about the mother figure that he could only find in his memory. Besides that, there was a shadow of a female friend who also appeared.

who turned out to be not only a filler on the soundtrack, NCT’s Doyoung also took part in this drama. He plays Son Ji-woo, a high school student who has a perfect personality and is included in students who excel at school.

and the last song itself tells of a feeling of longing and affection for someone, surely Doyoung’s fans can’t wait to wait for him who will see Doyoung’s acting skills that he often displays.…

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