Disbanded Korean Groups

Disbanded Korean Groups – Kpop groups are now one of the world’s attractions. Some big names have an astonishing number of fans. However, there are also a number of groups that have to end their careers even though they have only briefly explored the entertainment stage after debuting. The world of South Korean entertainment is always colored by the arrival of new groups and the departure of old groups every year. 2019 is no exception. Although there are so many new groups that debut and introduce their own uniqueness, this year also KPop fans have to part with a number of idol groups that have been declared disbanded for various reasons.

Tight competition among K-Pop groups makes many K-Pop agencies have to work hard to promote their respective idols. But unexpectedly, many K-Pop groups had to be disbanded by the agency this year for various reasons. There are even those who have not been bound by a contract for one year and are forced to disband.

Here are 10 K-Pop idol groups that have officially disbanded

1. Wanna One officially disbanded in January 2019 after 1.5 years of being formed through the second season of Produce 101
According to the contract imposed by CJ E&M as the organizer of Produce 101 and the YMC agency, Wanna One was disbanded after 1.5 years of being formed. The last activity of the group, which was popular through hits Energetic and Boomerang, was the final concert in Korea which was held from January 24 to 27. It’s a shame considering that at that time Wanna One was at the peak of its success.

2. Due to the same contract rules, boyband UNB also disbanded after one year together
The group, which was formed through the talent search event The Unit, officially disbanded after holding a farewell concert titled Thanks UNME in Japan. After disbanding, the nine members will focus on solo careers.

3. Girlband Wa$$up disbanded on February 10 because the contract with the agency expired
Before disbanding, Wa$$up, which debuted with a seven-member formation, only left four members. Now the four members, Woojoo, Nari, Jiae, and Subin, choose to focus on solo careers.

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4. Nine Muses was disbanded by Star Empire’s agency starting February 11 also due to an expired contract
The girl group disbanded after nine years of being formed. As a farewell gift to fans, Nine Muses released the single Remember on February 14 and held a final fan meeting on February 24.

5. A-JAX’s contract with DSP Media officially ended on March 31, so the boy band that debuted with seven members was disbanded
After being left by two members, Jaehyung and Jihoo, in February 2016, A-Jax officially disbanded after the contracts of the remaining five members had expired. Before disbanding, A-Jax was known to be actively promoting in Japan.

6. The girl group formed by Pledis and Fantagio Entertainment, HELLO VENUS, officially disbanded on April 17 due to an expired contract
This girl group debuted in 2012 and was popular through the songs Wiggle Wiggle and Paradise. Before disbanding, Hello Venus’ last comeback was in January 2017.

7. After only two years of debut, boyband 14U disbanded in April for surprising reasons
The thirteen members of 14U officially canceled their contracts with the agency starting last April. There is no official information regarding this disbandment. However, a close source informed Xports News that 14U’s disbandment was due to a member having an illicit relationship with the agency’s staff.

After officially disbanding, 14U personnel from Indonesia, Loudi, wrote a farewell message for fans.

8. Just two years into their debut, Pledis Entertainment’s girl group PRISTIN disbanded on May 24
After disbanding, three out of ten PRISTIN members, Kyulkyung, Yehana, and Sungyeon remained at Pledis to continue their solo careers. While the remaining seven members chose to leave the agency.

9. Boyfriend disbanded on May 16 after eight years of career
This six-member boyband is popular through their hits such as, Janus, Boyfriend, and Don’t Touch My Girl. With the disbandment of Boyfriend, the six members are no longer under the Starship Entertainment agency.

10. Boyband BIGSTAR disbanded on July 1 after seven years on the K-Pop stage
The agency Brave Entertainment informed the disbandment of the boy band because the contracts of the three members, FeelDog, Sunghak, and Jude, had expired. While the two remaining members, Baram and Raehwan will still continue solo activities with the agency.…

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BTS Meal is planned with MCD staff to wear special clothes

BTS Meal is planned with MCD staff to wear special clothes – The collaboration between MCD and BTS that fans have been waiting for – for its launch, provides a leak to the army so that the army will be more curious about it.

This McDonald’s fast food restaurant business announced a collaboration with the South Korean group, BTS. This combo menu is then referred to as the BTS Meal. This special menu will be released on May 26, 2021 in the United States (US) to be followed by dozens of other countries, including Indonesia. The plan, the BTS Meal menu will be available in just one month.

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The latest news is that the collaboration is not only in terms of food. As long as the BTS Meal is marketed, McDonald’s employees will wear a new, custom-made uniform. The Hangul letters consist of consonants that make up the words “BTS” and “McDonald’s.” This uniform will be worn by employees of fast food restaurants around the world for a month.

The South Korean public was immediately busy discussing the design of the new uniform. Many netizens, especially ARMY, as BTS fans are proud to have Hangul in the uniform. Because they like it so much, a number of netizens suggest that McDonald’s include this uniform that can be ordered with the BTS Meal menu.…

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sales of 1 million copies of Baekhyun’s album Bambi

sales of 1 million copies of Baekhyun’s album Bambi – Good news comes for both Baekhyun’s fans and Baekhyun’s own fans where the album he releases reaches unexpected copies.

Baekhyun’s third mini album, Bambi, has sold 1 million copies since its release on March 30, 2021. Bambi’s album has sold a total of 1,006,835 as of April 18, 2021. Total album sales have surged past 1 million copies in 20 days, proving its global reach. Baekhyun. Previously, Baekhyun became the first million seller solo artist in 19 years with his second mini album, Delight. Delight also swept domestic and foreign charts and received official triple platinum certification.

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With a feeling of pride and joy the member of EXO said First of all, EXO-L, thank you. I will always work hard so that fans feel good emotions that are happy, fun, joyous, when they think of me. I love you. What turned out to make Baekhyun so happy was that As well as sweeping the domestic charts, Bambi was also ranked number one on the iTunes Album charts in at least 60 countries and the best-selling Digital Albums of QQ Music and China’s Kugou Music.

thus making Baekhun enter the history of Korean music, because he is the second artist to win the title of “million seller” both as a group and solo artist, after Seo Taiji. With his latest album selling over 1 million copies, Baekhyun has now earned the title of “double million seller.” Since EXO became a “quintuple million seller” or five times a million seller with Don Don’t Mess Up My Tempo “in 2018, Baekhyun has a total of seven albums, each of which has sold more than 1 million copies.

and finally there is also sad news that Bambi will be Baekhyun’s last release as a soloist before serving his mandatory military service in May. Currently he is preparing to make EXO’s comeback.…

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BTS achieved the Highest Selling Physical Album in the US with Map of the Soul: 7

BTS achieved the Highest Selling Physical Album in the US with Map of the Soul: 7 – who doesn’t know 7 people who are in one group who have gone global with their hard struggle to achieve this and also have many fans

The fame of the South Korean boy group, BTS, in the United States (US) cannot be denied. Especially after BTS’s latest album titled Map of the Soul: 7 became the best-selling album in the US in the first half of 2020 in only the first six months of 2020, the album Map of the Soul: 7, which was released last February has sold around 552,000 units.

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Interestingly, Map of the Soul: 7 isn’t the only physical BTS album on the list. The album BE, which was recently released, also made it to the top five physical album sales with 252 thousand, but BTS is not the only K-Pop group in the data. There is NCT 127 which has sold 249 thousand copies of the Neo Zone album in the United States, and makes them in sixth position.

and the last In addition to dominating the United States’ highest album sales, BTS also sat in second place in the Top 5 Pop Genre Artist category with a total score of 1,417 million points. This ranking is determined by total album sales, track equivalent albums (TEA), and on-demand audio streaming equivalent albums (SEA). In the Top 5 Pop Genre Artist category, BTS sat with Billie Eilish in first place, Taylor Swift in third, followed by Justin Bieber and Halsey in fourth and fifth.

How proud they were to see the hard work of the army who helped them and how proud the army was to see their efforts too. indeed a group that gets along very well with its fans…

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Things to know about NCT’s Park Jisung

Things to know about NCT’s Park Jisung – This time it’s from the NCT maknae who always makes his hyungs and fans anxious, which will make him even more fond of Jisung’s character

Jisung himself initially before starting from his debut he also struggled starting from participating in Show Me The Money or being an extras cast in several dramas when he was a child which was eventually casted by SM Entertainment and promoted as part of SM Rookies. He succeeded in making a legendary image on the “Mickey Mouse Club”. Then in 2016, Jisung debuted as the youngest member of NCT Dream at the age of 15 or 14 according to international calculations.

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and it turns out that this maknae is one of the most versatile members in NCT Dream from being a main dancer, he also has a position as a vocal as well as a rapper on NCT Dream. His appearance as a rapper is also always awaited by his fans at every stage act.

even though he was a child often doing things in front of the camera, it turns out he is a shy and very emotional person so that his hyungs are afraid to hurt him. the other members and moved their belongings so the hyungs were scared and confused.…

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contents of the Midbnight OST of the web drama by NCT Doyoung

contents of the Midbnight OST of the web drama by NCT Doyoung – who doesn’t know Doyoung, one of the NCT members who actively participates in a drama or is the ost, and the NCiTiZen certainly can’t wait for this one because it will air today.

NCT’s Doyoung is also one of the soundtrack fillers for the Korean drama Cafe Midnight Season 3: The Curious Stalker. This time he will perform a song called Night Air. Night Air, which is sung by NCT’s Doyoung in this drama, will also be released in the music video version. The video clip contains several scenes from the drama Cafe Midnight Season 3: The Curious Stalker.

which is where he transforms into Son Ji Woo who is the perfect high school student figure. Starting from his appearance, values, to his personality, he was very admired, and the curiosity about the mother figure that he could only find in his memory. Besides that, there was a shadow of a female friend who also appeared.

who turned out to be not only a filler on the soundtrack, NCT’s Doyoung also took part in this drama. He plays Son Ji-woo, a high school student who has a perfect personality and is included in students who excel at school.

and the last song itself tells of a feeling of longing and affection for someone, surely Doyoung’s fans can’t wait to wait for him who will see Doyoung’s acting skills that he often displays.…

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