This is the Song Created by V BTS

This is the Song Created by V BTS – As we all know, the currently very famous Korean boy band is BTS. Who doesn’t know him? The KPopers are certainly no stranger to an idol whose full name is Kim Taehyung or known as V BTS. In addition to being an idol and actor, V turns out to have the talent to be a songwriter and composer. Evidently since his debut in 2013 until 2021, V has written a number of songs that he wrote for BTS and his solo career. What are his song creations? Come on, let’s see and enjoy the list!

1. Snow Flower
As a Christmas gift, V surprised ARMY by releasing a song called “Snow Flower” which he wrote with Peakboy. Written in just 3 hours, the song was released on December 25, 2020.

2. Sweet Night
To support the drama starring Park Seo Jeon (Wooga Squad), V specifically wrote the lyrics as well as being a filler for the Itaewon Class KDrama OST entitled “Sweet Night”.

3. Blue and Grey
Who would have thought that the song “Blue and Gray” contained in the B-Side album BE (Deluxe Edition) would initially be BTS’ V mixtape. Written by V, NIve, Levi, Hiss Noise, Rapper line and Metaphor, “Blue and Gray” is officially released on November 20, 2020 in English and Korean.

4. Inner Child
“Inner Child” is V BTS’s solo song on the Album Map of the Soul: 7. Released on February 21, 2020, “Inner Child” was written by BTS’s V and RM, and assisted by British producers Matt Thomson and Max Graham.

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5. Winter Bear
Become the second song written by V BTS himself. This idol whose full name is Kim Taehyung released the MV “Winter Bear” through BangtanTV’s YouTube channel to welcome 1,000 days of the phrase ‘I Purple You’ on August 9, 2019.

6. Scenery
Made when V was holding a Love Yourself Tour concert with BTS. V released the song “Scenery” on January 30, 2019 on BTS’s official SoundCloud account. Dedicated to ARMY, the song “Scenery” has meaningful lyrics. Very special!

7. 4 O’Clock
“4 O’Clock” is a song composed by V and RM which was released on June 9 2017. Rarely singing a song uploaded on SoundCloud, V and RM specially sang “4 O’Clock” as a gift celebrating BTS’s 4th debut at the event BTS Festival 2017.

8. Stigma
The neo-soul-jazz genre, “Stigma” is BTS’s V solo song on the album Wings: You Never Walk Alone. Written by V, Philtre, Slow rabbit and Bang PD, “Stigma” was released on October 10, 2016.

9. Boyz With Fun
“Boyz With Fun” is a song on the mini album The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Part 1 which is full of passion. Written by Pdogg, Bang PD, Rapp line, Jin and V, “Boyz With Fun” was released on April 29, 2015 in Korean and on June 17, 2015 in Japanese.

10. Run
Very energetic, the song “Run” is the main single for BTS’ fourth mini album, The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Part 2. Released on a different date, “Run” BTS created by V, Jungkook, BTS’s rapper line, Pdogg and Bang PD has a Korean version and Japan.…

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Beware of the Following Mistakes in Sportsbook Gambling

Beware of the Following Mistakes in Sportsbook Gambling – The occurrence of defeats and losses when playing online sportsbook betting games often occurs due to the fault of the player himself.

There are so many players who don’t really care about various aspects of making various sportsbook betting bets, especially to make decisions and join the sportsbook bookie site. With various problems in playing. Of course this has a huge impact, especially in making big bets. In this article, we will discuss the mistakes made by bettors when playing soccer gambling at Indonesian online bookies.

The goal of each player, of course, is to make the best and quality bets on the best gambling sites and definitely want to win. In an era where it is difficult to make a living. Bettors should prefer gambling sites to spend their free time looking for luck on some online gambling sites. Football sbobet mobile betting is one of the most widely used by football lovers because they will be able to win and understand various data about the match.

However, mastering several types of matches and football is not enough because you also have to pay attention to some markets and various small aspects that can be a trigger for defeat. The following are some of the triggers for defeat that have been tried by each player.

Beware of the Following Mistakes in Sportsbook Gambling

Beware of choosing a site to play soccer gambling

In the beginning, it turns out that the bettor was wrong to join a website that was not of good quality. In fact, this has often been warned by some quality websites where trusted agents try to prevent potential players from joining the wrong place. However, because of the great determination and rush to register, often these prospective players join the wrong way so that bettors have places that are not of good quality. As a result, of course, you can share losses and losses because in it it is very possible that there are various types of fraud.

You have to be wary of some sites that are not of good quality and usually fake bookies often give out pretty big bonus lure. This of course can make players curious and want to join in it. When you have joined in it, of course there are no best facilities and services so it is very difficult to win the game. Various obstacles are also often encountered which makes each player feel insecure to continue placing bets.

Avoid Installing With Capital At Once

The next mistake, some players may join the best and quality sites but bettors play using big capital at once. Actually there is nothing wrong when you use large capital in online gambling games. However, using a large amount of capital in one game can certainly share the risk of a fairly large loss. For example, let’s say you join a website that has good quality and then choose the type of limit or very large capital.

But in sharing your predictions are wrong leading to defeat. The large capital that you have installed will surely disappear and be forfeited. It could be that you want to get a cashback bonus from the agent but the loss has been greater than the bonus. So from that if you want to get profits and the chance of winning is bigger, it is highly recommended to use a small capital first. Gradually you can increase your capital to open up much bigger profit opportunities.

Stay Away From Betting Your Favorite Club

Another error that appears more but is quite detrimental to players is to always place bets and share winning predictions on your favorite soccer team. But you have to realize and think in reality that the team can’t always win. You also have to learn to be realistic and look at opponents who want to compete with your favorite team. If the opponent has a much better quality, then share the prediction with the opposing party.

If you are very confident and become one of the football club fans who are quite fanatical, then the soccer gambling game will give you a lot of losses. This is something that is difficult for players to try because bettors cannot control their love for the mainstay soccer team. There are a lot of mistakes that may go unnoticed for the players but they don’t leave enough room for defeat. As a reliable player, you should be able to control your emotions and introspect yourself when you lose in Indonesian soccer gambling.…

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Profit from Playing Togel Online Gambling

Profit from Playing Togel Online Gambling – Playing online lottery gambling games is one of the branches of online gambling games that has been known for a long time.

Playing the lottery has certainly proven to be very fun. The thing that can make every bettor feel happy playing the lottery is of course none other than the advantages. Playing the lottery today can certainly provide a large enough profit. And anyone can get big profits when playing lottery today. Of course, bettors should not miss playing the lottery today.

Today’s lottery has many interesting markets and can be played in real time. With things like this, bettors can get big profits. Because today’s lottery dingdong 12d game is played in real time and certainly cannot cause cheating.

Get Big Bonuses Through Togel Today

When playing the lottery today, bettors can also get a fairly large bonus prize, you know. Every bettor who plays the lottery today, of course, already knows how big the bonuses and prizes are. Surely this can make everyone really tempted by the bonus.

Every bettor can get a bonus of millions of rupiah when playing the lottery today. Getting a big bonus is always awaited by every bettor. Now even more and more have played the lottery today. The convenience of getting bonuses every day will be easier for every bettor to do.

The Easiest To Play Togel Today

Today’s lottery is the single easiest game to play. Even beginners who have just tried playing the lottery today will understand it easily. Because today’s lottery game is only played by guessing numbers.

Choosing a favorite market and making number bets is definitely a very easy thing. Compared to other games, today’s lottery is the easiest game. It has been proven that until now there has been no game as easy as today’s lottery. The only game that is very mandatory for you to play is the lottery today.…

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Facts About NCT’s New Album

Facts About NCT’s New Album – NCT is one of the Korean bands who also have a lot of fans. Recently, NCT has released several new albums which have become a hot topic for many fans. NCT Dream has released a new album titled Hot Sauce. There are 10 songs in it, with the title track Hot Sauce which carries the hip hop genre with afrobeat strains. Besides that, there are a number of facts about NCT Dream’s new album that you need to know, chingu. Read more below, come on!

NCT Dream’s First Full Album

Hot Sauce is NCT Dream’s first full-length album. This album marked their five-year career in the South Korean music industry.
“This album is very special because it is a full album and we all seven members are completely involved in this album. We also do this to make memories,” Renjun said, as quoted by Soompi.

Hot Sauce

Apart from chanting and unique signature sound, Hot Sauce’s song also has its own meaning.
The lyrics of this song contain the message that the strong appeal of NCT Dream is like the taste of hot sauce or spicy sauce that cannot be forgotten when eaten.

Mark asks listeners to pay close attention to the chorus of the Hot Sauce song, because there is something distinctive and it sounds like a spell.
Jaemin said the same thing. He asked his fans to pay attention to the lyrics which are able to show the full charisma of NCT Dream.

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Mark Rejoins NCT Dream for Hot Sauce

“When I heard that we would be releasing a full album, I was very excited. It feels very meaningful to participate in our first full album with the other six members and I want to work hard,” said Mark.
Mark’s presence was awaited by other NCT Dream members. He made this album feel stronger and showed the charisma of the SM Entertainment group beautifully.

Hot Sauce Orders Exceeded 1.71 Million Copy

Album orders have reached a total of 1,716,571 copies as of May 9, 2021. This achievement broke their own record with a 243 percent increase in the number of orders from NCT Dream’s last album titled Reload.…

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